DUI Evaluations

Did you know Next Stop Sober can complete DUI Evaluations?

What is a DUI Evaluation?
In most states, if you are arrested for a DUI, you will need to be assessed for substance abuse. Substance abuse assessments are intended to determine whether and to what extent a driver has a substance abuse problem following an alcohol or drug-related arrest. During the evaluation process we will develop a treatment plan if necessary to address your specific circumstances.

Who pays for a DUI Evaluation?
Most states (including Massachusetts) require the driver to pay the costs of the evaluation, assessment and treatment (if necessary). We have a client portal to allow for easy online payments.

What happens if treatment is recommended?
If a substance use problem is determined and you are referred to outpatient counseling we can submit claims to your medical insurance company on your behalf. In the unlikely event your insurance company refuses to pay, you are responsible for the cost.

What happens if treatment is not recommended?
Perhaps you just displayed bad judgment and made an isolated mistake. If an assessment shows that there is no substance abuse problem, there may be no treatment recommendation made. However, you may still need to take a substance abuse course as part of your sentencing.

If you have any questions about the process please call us at 888-407-4799.

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